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Theater Reviews

The Spitfire Grill

Ashley Rose The Spitfire Grill Palm Beach Dramaworks


Various Articles

February 2019

FLORIDA THEATRE ON STAGE: Dramaworks' Spitfire Grill Is One Of The Seasons Finest Musicals by Bill Hirschman

"He has hired a dream cast...  Each melds acting and singing into a seamless whole with strong expressive vocals and affecting performances that do not feel like performances... Start with Rose, an out-of-towner who embodies Percy's evolution from a shut-down damaged creature to someone coming fully alive. In addition to a Charisma that makes the audience root for her, Rose's voice is a treasure."

PALMS WEST MONTHLY: Review: 'Spitfire Grill' cooks up soul-searching musical at Dramaworks by Robert Hagelstein

"Rose's comedic talents are on full display in her number 'Out of the Frying Pan'... frantically juggling pots and pans, reminiscent of Lucille Ball. Her show-stopping song near the end, "Shine", is both musically heartrending and dramatically affecting."

PALM BEACH ARTS PAPER: Dramaworks brings 'Spitfire Grill' to life in first-rate fashion by Hap Erstein

"Area newcomer Rose anchors the production as Percy, a genuine empathy magnet for the audience who delineates the characters's arc from wounded bird to a woman who takes control of her fate. And she sings with assurance, most noticeably on her 11 o'clock solo, 'Shine', a statement of unexpected optimism... it is hard to imagine it being done much better than it is currently at Dramaworks."


WPB MAGAZINE: Review: The Spitfire Grill Puts Women in the Spotlight by Maritza Cosano

SPLASH MAGAZINES The Spitfire Grill Review- Palm Beach Dramaworks has a new hit! by Ellen Eichelbaum

GET OUT! SOUTH FLORIDA: Review- "The Spitfire Grill" by Tom Hantzarides

​**Check out these additional FEATURED INTEVIEWS below,

as well as our BROADWAY WORLD press release!

Always... Patsy Cline

Ashley Rose Always... Patsy Cline Peach State

Crazy for PSST!'s 'Always... Patsy Cline'


Dean Poling • The Valdosta Daily Times

June 20, 2015


"Ashley Rose plays Cline and does so with a remarkable voice. Like Cline, Rose's voice is a mix of dynamic rockability and haunting soul. Rose has the chops to make her voice be whatever it needs to be for each Patsy Cline song. She also brings a sassy, yet vulnerable personality to the singer... Together, Rose and Matheson are a team that leave the audience wanting more."


"Some audience members even started singing along, but please, leave the singing to Ashley Rose - she's got Patsy covered."

​*Listen to Ashley's RADIO INTERVIEW on Talk 92.1 'The Scott James Show'

Talk 92.1, The Scott James Show -


Ring of Fire

Ashley Rose Ring of Fire Seven Angels

Tribute to 'The Man in Black'​ 

at Seven Angels


Joanne Greco Rochman • Arts & Leisure

October 10, 2013


"Ashley Rose is a sweetheart singer... she sure can sing a tune."


"When you've got four solid musicians on stage singing Johnny Cash songs, and a most likeable country singing gal, you know there's going to be some serious heat."

Next to Normal

Ashley Rose Next to Normal Florida Studio Theatre

Florida Studio Theatre's

Next to Normal

Various Articles

November, 2011

​**Check out the "behind the scenes" article on


ARTS SARASOTA: FST Offers and Inspiring Next to Normal​​​

"Ashley [Rose] is radiant as Natalie, with a clear voice depicting the typical adolescents mood swings that she worries might mean something more." 

SARASOTA MAGAZINE: Florida Studio Theatre's Next to Normal
"The cast is all excellent, but Fernandez and [Rose] are especially impressive. And in a town where standing ovations can become too common, these performers truly earn theirs."​

TAMPA BAY TIMES: 'Next to Normal' the perfect antidote for mental illness
"...Ashley [Rose] is sensationally good as Diana's 16-year-old daughter, Natalie..."


​THE OBSERVER GROUP: 'Next to Normal' performed by Florida Studio Theatre​
"Ashley [Rose], as daughter Natalie, is extraordinarily good at provoking empathy..."


"Winning... With her penetrating voice and projected emotional turmoil, Ashley [Rose's] excellent Natalie is her mother's daughter."​


From theatre mentors and professionals

S​usan Spiedel

Former Director of Eduction,

Paper Mill Playhouse

"Ashley is one of the most naturally gifted singers I have come across..."

​Nathaniel Shaw

Former Artistic Director of Virginia Repertory Theatre; The Active Theater

"Ashley brings an honesty and simplicity that is rare... She doesn't push. She doesn't try too hard. She is one of the lucky one's that doesn't have to as an intensity and truth pours out of her with ease."

Stephanie Samaras

Associate Professor, MSU; Cap21, CUNY Grad; Vocal Instructor

'Ashley is the consumate singing actress. In my teaching studio, where over decades I have specialized in vocal instruction for the music theater singer, she has been a standout. Ashley is comfortable singing in any style required for the contemporary Broadway singer. Her performances in See What I Wanna See by Michael John LaChiusa absolutely knocked me out... Not only is her voice outstanding, she is tremendously musical."

Music Reviews

NBC's America's Most Talented Kid

Ashley Rose America's Most Talented Kid NBC

Performances on AMTK​

Jamie Goreski • Reality News Online


"She blows me away with the beauty of her voice. She also happens to be an extremely beautiful girl. Not only can she sing like nobody's business, but she is absolutely gorgeous, simply stunning, and seems custom-made for MTV's TRL."

Ashley Rose

Quotes about Ashley's Music 

Various Sources

"Blind to the light I've put in rotation! Good response! I'll be you're number 1 supporter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
JC, DJ of Power 98 Morning Show
WRVX 97.9

"I'm going to do something I haven't done in 5 years on air... I'm giving you a 10!"
Craig Carton, Host of Jersey Guys Show
NJ101.5 FM

"Songs are very cool and unique, which is a hard-to-find quality! Great work! I think these songs are melodic with good hooks."

"Poetically written lyrics that bring the listener into a state of sensuality" and "melodies and voice that come strait from the heart and have the power to make you remember the song and the performance".

Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose... More than Just

A Pretty Face

Roger Passero 

October 6, 2008


"Ashley Rose is a beautiful, and very talented singer-songwriter... she was in fine voice as usual. I don't think that when seeing her, you can even get a hint as to how wonderfully this girl can sing. I have heard her singing other styles of music and believe me this girl can sing. Even at the young age of 18 Ashley Rose has the ability to pen some great melodic songs. Sitting through her show sounds like a parade of an established artists greatest hits, instead of a show of her early career efforts. You can find yourself singing along or moving to every tune. I have to say in all honestly, the hour drive to the city for me made me reluctant to attend, but in hindsight I am so glad that I did. If you have at all been contemplating attending an Ashley Rose show let me tell you, please go.You will not regret it. It is a great show with a great singer, singing great songs with a great band. What more can you ask for than that. After all, it is now quite apparent, that Ashley Rose is much more than a pretty face."


Always... Patsy Cline

Ashley Rose Always Patsy Cline Wagon Wheel

'Always... Patsy Cline'

is Always.. Perfectly Captivating

David Slone • Times-Union

August 18, 2011

"When I closed my eyes... I could hear and feel cline in every note... Not only did [Rose] sing as well as the legendary Cline, but [Rose's] voice often, no disrespect, blew Cline's voice out of the water... [her] artistry is so powerful as she belts out each and every Cline song, there's no telling where her amazing talents will take her."

​**Check out Ashley's INTERVIEW about becoming Patsy Cline

Miracle on 34th Street

Ashley Rose Miracle on 34th Street

It's Holiday Time at the Armory

Alix Backus • Beloit Daily News

November 23, 2010

"Ashley [Rose] as Doris Walker was the brightest spot in the cast for me. Ms. [Rose] brought a realness and depth of character to the role of Susan's mom that I found impressive and touching. I loved her song You Don't Know, sung early in the show..."

The Full Monty

Monty "Full" of Talent

Douglas McIntyre • The Montclairion

November 29, 2007

Montclair State University

"The women, too, provide a powerful cast... Georgie, Dave's wife, was also given a heart and soul by Ashley [Rose]. She plays it hot and in charge in the first scene, emceeing at the male strip club, but she switches roles seemlessly and became the lonely woman willing to leave when she thinks Dave is cheating on her. When she reprises his song "You Rule My World" in the second act, her sincerity tugged at the audience members' heartstrings."


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