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Next to Normal

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ARTS SARASOTA: FST Offers and Inspiring Next to Normal​​

"Ashley 'Rose' is radiant as Natalie, with a clear voice depicting the typical adolescents mood swings that she worries might mean something more." 

SARASOTA MAGAZINE: Florida Studio Theatre's Next to Normal
"The cast is all excellent, but Fernandez and 'Rose' are especially impressive."

TAMPA BAY TIMES: 'Next to Normal' the perfect antidote for mental illness
"At the heart of the musical is a mother daughter story, and Ashley 'Rose' is sensationally good as Diana's 16-year-old daughter, Natalie..."

THE OBSERVER GROUP: 'Next to Normal' performed by Florida Studio Theatre
"Ashley 'Rose', as daughter Natalie, is extraordinarily good at provoking empathy..."


​"Winning... With her penetrating voice and projected emotional turmoil, Ashley 'Rose's' excellent Natalie is her mother's daughter."​

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PHOTO CALL: Next to Normal... at Florida Studio Theatre
Production photos of the show

For...Stacia Fernandez, Next to Normal is Life-Changing Experience
Interview with Diana of Next to Normal

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